Qua Services is a unique platform with the ability to run on cloud, which allows managing the 360-degree performance of contact center personnel, creating employment certificates and managing the processes related to task assignments through a single platform.


Company Management

Define your company/companies. Specify the departments of the defined companies, and assign your users to these departments.

Project Management

Create projects, add the created project to a pre-defined company.


Specify the permissions of your users with the roles created. Specify the names, colors, descriptions and permissions of the roles created.


Enter user information, company, project, department information, and grant authorizations. Ensure that personnel accounts which are defined based on such criteria and limitations are used.


Evaluation Module

You can evaluate the call performance of your defined users over the questions you created.

Task Management Module

Enable managers or sub-personnel to create tasks, share with a user, and display all the work flow.

Dynamic Form Management Module

Create your HTML forms with drag-and-drop method, and take actions on the form in any way you like.

Special Report Management Module

Without a need SQL knowledge, you can display and download your data in a data source in any format.

Performance Management Module

You can create user performance tables by specifying the criteria, formulas and data sources yourself.

Exam Management Module

Create exams with any answer options you prefer at any time. Score your users.