ACIBADEM MOBİL SAĞLIK HİZMETLERİ has been moved to Call Center Hotel, eliminating the investment costs of Telesales Call Center.

SİGORTAM.NET Increases its Efficiency with Procat’s Technology Solutions.

CCH has added another case to its success stories by updating the call center operations of ZURICH SİGORTA.

Industry: Insurance

 Goal: Entire renewal of the call center operations of Zurich Sigorta.


Solution: Integration of the cloud technology provided by CCH to the Call Center infrastructure. Making all calls manageable from agent screen with the integration of Interaction Client software to the system. Connecting the office switchboard and the call center of Zurich Sigorta via VOIP-based integration.


Result: With the renewed technology, customer services personnel have eliminated the outdated table phones. All calls have become manageable from screen with the Interaction Client software. Connecting the office switchboard and the call center of Zurich Sigorta via VOIP-based integration has been one of the important advantages of the project. It has become possible for call center personnel to control all call traffic through single software. Instant transfer of incoming calls to another internal department has been enabled with a single key. Also, IVR has been reviewed within the scope of the project. With the IVR profile that can be set based on working hours, the IVR tree has gained a more dynamic and self-served structure.

Industry: Healthcare


Goal: Meeting the telesales call center requirements of Acıbadem Mobil Sağlık Hizmetleri, which provides integrated mobile healthcare solutions, without any investment costs and with a flexible and fast process.


Solution: Providing the opportunity for the telesales team, which continues growing, to instantly and uninterruptedly benefit from all the features that may be needed by a call center equipped with up-to-date technologies. Maximizing the efficiency and flexibility of Acıbadem Mobil telesales call center while minimizing its investment costs.


Result: Acıbadem Mobil moved its telesales call center team, which previously provided services in its own building, to Call Center Hotel with a successful process management. While the company focused on continuity and quality of healthcare services, which is its top priority, the team assigned to Call Center Hotel increased from 15 to 50 employees.

Industry: Insurance

Goal: Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest levels and meeting the technology needs within the call center for, which is the first and the largest platform in Turkey for insurance comparison and sales online, on mobile and via phone.


Solution: Supplying the CTI structure and the voice response system provided by Procat for real-time reporting, management of all communication platforms from a single center, instant customer informing calls, automatic external calls for renewal reminders and transfer of incoming calls to the representative owning the portfolio with the correct information.


Result: Providing services in insurance comparison and sales field online, on mobile and via phone, conducts customer services by utilising all their technology solutions in the call center from Procat.