TÜRKİYE FİNANS Customer Contact Center has maximized its operational efficiency with Procat consultancy and Speechouse support.

GARANTİ BANKASI carries out successful projects with Speechouse as its business partner in voice technologies.

Industry: Banking and finance

Goal: Renewing the technology infrastructure in line with the evolving needs of Türkiye Finans Customer Contact Center.

Solution: Renewal of all processes from Call Center and IVR technology design, software and hardware selection to their implementation and realization by Procat using the Interactive Intelligence and Nuance Speech technology in line with the evolving needs of Türkiye Finans Customer Contact Center.

Result: Türkiye Finans Customer Contact Center IVR tree structure has been simplified, and made more understandable from customer point of view. In addition, speech functions such as voice biometrics and TTS, which will make customers receive services faster, have been used. With CIC 4.0 -dialer 4.0 (upgrade from 3.0) transition, it has been possible for customers to make transactions without agency connection on the inbound side. With the works carried out by Speechouse, customers can now receive services faster and safer. They can complete the security steps just using their voice, without the need to click any keys for password or giving personal information, thanks to the use of voice biometrics.

Industry: Banking and finance

Goal: First, two main success criteria have been set: Carrying the customer in the most appropriate way to where customer wants to go, and minimizing the number of customers who reach IVR and get lost.


Solution: The experience of customers who get lost among keys and whose transaction time is extended since they are not able to find the intended step easily has been decided to be improved with “Call Steering”.


Result: Important increases have been obtained on the transactions defined as Self-Service. With the Call Steering project, customers of Garanti Bank have been provided the opportunity to “receive services in their own language”. Now customers do not need to remember the name of the product or service needed to be clicked in IVR. They just express the related transaction as they understand it, and then they are easily directed to the intended step.