Our Areas of Expertise

All your call center needs

  • Installation of a turnkey call center from A to Z
  • Customer service consulting
  • Improvements for call centers
  • Sales or integration of specific technologies
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Advanced Speech Technologies…

  • Speechouse designs and implements advanced speech technology projects
  • We Aim to help our business partners reach the highest levels of efficiency and quality
  • Application design and service models for customer service and different sectors
  • Satisfied customer experience with cost advantages
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The first Call Center Hotel in the world

  • A platform enabling call center companies to operate without any infrastructure investment required
  • Thanks to the hotel concept flexibility, cost advantages and high-tech
  • Two offices in Istanbul and Izmir where it offers all the call center needs
  • Uninterrupted operations for the call centers disaster and emergency recovery services
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Company Management

Define your Company/companies. Specify the departments of the defined companies, and assign your users to these departments.

Project Management

Create projects, add the created project to a pre-defined company.

Role Management

Specify the permissions of your users with the roles you create. Specify the names, colors, descriptions and permissions of the roles you created.

User Management

Enter user information, company, project, department information, and specify their authorizations. Ensure that personnel accounts which are defined based on such criteria and limitations are used.

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